Useful techniques for a tutoring job

As every child is unique in each and every aspect there cannot be a fixed set of rules or regulations for a tutor to follow. In the recent article posted on said that the tutor needs to as they say “go with the flow”. There can be numerous ways to teach and numerous ways to learn. The tutor has to pick that particular approach which suits both the tutor and the tutee. He or she might have to innovate and find a unique method to get to his or her student.  The tutor cannot rely on any self-help book rather he should trust his instincts in order to be a good teacher.

For any student the environment can be conducive for tutoring lessons. A tutor has to take responsibility and arrange for a proper class room. A suitable environment can make a lot of difference in a student’s performance. It should be such that it is easier for the student to concentrate. The surrounding should be a lively yet modest one. Get a table which is big enough to hold all the things that will be required for a tutoring session.  Try to sit opposite to the student so that you are face to face with him. Even if everything does not fit on the table keep them somewhere nearby so they are easily accessible. Choose a place which is quiet, calm, has ample light and air and has minimal distractions

The first day of a tutoring session is very important as your tutee makes an impression of you on that very day. It is your duty to make your tutee feel comfortable as in all probability he or she is going to be intimidated by you. Greet him in an informal and warm manner to make him or her realize that you are there to help him and not harm him. Begin the session with an informal and if possible funny introduction of yourself in order to break the ice. Try to find out as much possible about your tutee as it will help you to figure out a strategy easily.

Make sure that you know what your client’s goal or aim is. Now the word “client” implies both the parents and their ward. You should make sure that the tutee is happy with the goal that is being finally set. This will help him or her take more interest in the sessions and work harder. You need to break down a long and complex topic into manageable subdivisions. It will make things easier and more logical for your student. This habit will prove to be beneficial in every aspect and stage of his or her life. It also makes the behavior of the student more behavior as he or she will no longer be scared of the syllabus.

Communication skills come handy in a tutoring job. Proper communication between the tutor and the tutee is of extreme importance. A communication gap can lead to a lot of problems and can even affect the tutee’s performance. You need to ensure that you get to know about any problem that the student faces in any subject in order to address them. If he or she feels embarrassed talk to the student and make him or her understand that you need to know the problem to solve it.