Take into Account the Following Tips to Create a Winning Essay

Tips to create a descriptive essay about a place. Students often get the task to describe the place, which impressed them the most. It`s a good way to share your emotions and develop your writing skills. A descriptive essay focuses mainly on particular details of a place. It`s aimed to create a real image in readers` mind, so the language and words here should be accurately chosen. A writer should provide as much information as possible to let readers feel the atmosphere of the described place.
We have prepared for you a guideline to create a successful descriptive essay!


The first step in writing is to brainstorm the ideas and organize them in a proper way. Think of a place which has deeply impressed you, write all details you know about it. Take into account five senses – sound, touch, smell, taste, sight, as your essay should create a real image!
Then you are to create an outline of your essay. Think well on a structure, it should encourage readers. Your essay should include the introduction, main body and conclusion.

Writing an introduction

The introduction should be brief and descriptive, it should determine the readers` decision whether to continue reading or not. Use the words, which will definitely attract readers` attention, think of a strong thesis statement, which should hold the main idea of your essay, in particular, why this place is important for you.
You can also start your essay with an anecdote to set the atmosphere of an essay. The introduction should also contain the name and address of the place you describe and some additional information, which can attract the readers.

Creating the main body

The main body should reveal the real beauty and originality of the place. You should present the place here from the sights of 5 senses, we have mentioned before. Remember, that readers should get the mental picture of the place and desire to visit it. Write about nature, details you have noticed, people who were there.
Moreover, emphasize why the place is safe and comfortable and present your own feelings concerning this location, why you like it, maybe something special happened there.

How to write a conclusion

You should sum up the ideas you have mentioned in your main body. In addition, the concluding paragraph should inspire readers to visit the place, so you can also give some recommendations. Here you should give the strict answer why you consider this place to be significant. You are to create the feeling of excitement in your readers. So, create a descriptive and pleasant conclusion to your essay.

Check your essay

The last step of the essay creation is proofreading. Read your essay aloud to make sure your arguments sound good enough to ensure people in the beauty of the place. Check the sentence construction, grammar mistakes. Make sure you have written everything in a logical way. If you want, you can ask someone to look through your custom essay as well.