Online Tutor: An Assessor

Online tutoring is slowly gaining a lot of fame all over the world. Providing education is more of facilitating service rather than demonstrative. The role of tutor is esteem in delivering the services.
In online tutoring there is a huge responsibility of tutor. The online tutor is more like an assessor he focuses on principal behaviour of the situation and student.

His roles are:
• He monitors the learner’s behaviour during the entire course of study
• He questions the learner through emails and chats and figures out his state of mind
• He judges the submissions by learner
• He controls all actions to conduct a fair assessment

Online course study is definitely self-study and self-understanding but role of tutor is extremely important. He acts as a guide and pathfinder. In online tutoring the role of the tutor doubles he has to assess the subject knowledge as well as child psychology.
There are different ways of assessment involved in online tutoring. Some of these are:
• Marking assignments which are submitted through emails
• Answering to questions on chat sessions
• Assessing the practical assignments
• Practical assignments involves audio visual aids

The important task of an online tutor is to build relationship with the pupil. He must perform following tasks:
• Details of pupil: name, age, gender
• Educational and career graph
• Previous knowledge of the student
• Constraints from students end like at home or at school
• Computer proficiency
• Aims and objectives of the course study

It is advisable for an online tutor to develop learning contract with the pupil. There are certain parameters of learning contract. This helps in good work relationship between the two. The contract includes:
• Define the learning plan
• Role of the tutor
• Methods of communication
• Aids and tools used in education program
• Frequency of communication and response time
• Basis of assessment

This contract must be seriously taken by the tutor and student. Since the communication is not face to face, any discrepancy may lead to loss of time and money. There should be religious commitment from both ends. At times of some problems like holidays, sickness, internet failure some adjustments must be made from both the ends. This builds up the interpersonal relationship.

How to work with online tools

The online tools are extremely important for online tutoring. No matter the role of tutor is extremely pivotal but right tools make the process easy and comforting. Some suggestions regarding online tools:

In case of Email:
• Keep the database of all the students lie addresses, phone numbers
• Make separate folders for each student
• Keep the responses short and crisp
• Maintain FAQ for common problems

In case of discussion groups:
• By probing and questioning try to seek information
• Cut short off the topic discussions
• Negate the dead topics

In case of text chat:
• All members in discussion must contribute
• There should be summarisation after each discussion
• Tutor must regain control when there is conflicting topics

Online tutoring is a profession where there are no clear cut rules. Here the skills and experience counts. You should be patient and have managerial skills. Other than subject expert you have to act as a facilitator.