How to take on a tutoring job

Do you happen to have a lot of free time? Would you like to earn some extra bucks in today’s economical state? Do you have good communication skills? Do you like handling and spending time with kids? If the answer of all the above questions is yes then you are a perfect candidate for a tutoring job. It is one of the best part-time that can be opted for. It is a lucrative opportunity especially for students who have the enthusiasm, time and the need for extra bucks. A tutoring job will definitely satisfy the would-be teachers out there as well as their bank balance.

A person who is interested in tutoring jobs should chalk out his plan well ahead. Once you have taken the decision it’s time for making a plan and executing the plan. At first one has to decide which are the subjects in which he or she excels in. He or she has to be comfortable with the chosen subjects. The prospective tutor also has to make sure that he has enough qualifications to tutor students. Generally tutors who teach subjects like math, science and computer are in demand. Revise the subjects that you are not in touch with before you think about tutoring on that subject.

The next important decision that you have to take is about your clients. You have to decide which age group your clients should belong to. Choose the age group with which you will feel most comfortable. You should accept clients who live within a certain radius for your house. If you take clients who stay far away you will find it difficult to continue. You should also learn to say no to clients if they do not fit your bill. Decide the criterion of acceptance beforehand so that you are never caught off guard while talking to a client for the first time.

Your next step should be marketing yourself properly. You need to sit down and build a marketing strategy for yourself. You have to consider a number of factors, namely the area to be covered, the extent of marketing, the cost of marketing, the modes of marketing etc. You need to remember that the word of the mouth is the best advertisement that a tutor can have. As your popularity with your clients will increase so will your demand. One can always use flyers, different sites on the internet, letters and advertisements on the local newspapers. Make sure the flyers, posts and other ads appear in visible areas. Try to remain on the good books of your client if you want to market yourself well.

The next thing you should think about is the salary you should charge.  You should do proper research before deciding anything. Make sure you know what the tutors in your locality charge. You should be careful of both overselling and underselling yourself. Remember once you have settled on an amount you will have to stick to it for a minimum time period. You have to remember that not all people will agree with your demands. That should not make you lower your charges as this will lead to your loss ultimately.